The Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is the oldest public day school for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in the United States. The Horace Mann School has a rich history of providing quality education for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. Founded in 1869 and strengthened by association with historical figures such as Alexander Graham Bell and Helen Keller, the Horace Mann has been educating children and young adults for 140 years.

From birth through age 22, students and their families benefit from Horace Mann's comprehensive services, including full evaluations and support services. The school follows the BPS Standards and Curriculum Frameworks and has an outstanding record of achievement.

The Horace Mann has been involved in Boston's Education Reform Plan. With the primary goal of improving teaching and learning to enable all students, including Deaf and Hard of Hearing students, to achieve high standards of performance.

An aggressive emphasis on high standards in all subject areas, an instructional focus on literacy and mathematics, and targeted professional development for all staff have made standards-based reform a day-to-day reality in every school in Boston, including the Horace Mann.

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