Cathy Mylotte

Boston Regional Director
Independent Living Services
D.E.A.F., Inc.
2003 Recipient


Cathy likes helping deaf people and is able to successfully do this through her job. She gets a lot of satisfaction from working with deaf people who are new to this country. She helps them to figure out how to learn ASL and English, find an apartment or buy a house, apply to college, or find a job. She enjoys helping deaf people to grow.


Cathy enjoys the challenge of working with hearing parents who have deaf children. She sees many families of all cultures who have a hard time accepting that their children are deaf, so she meets with them to teach them about deafness. She helps them understand that deaf children and hearing children have different communication needs, and that deaf children can feel lonely if they do not have the opportunity to interact and communicate with other deaf children.

Advice to Horace Mann Students

"Try different jobs. Match your skills and interests until you find the right job for you. Education and proper training are important. Learn about your culture so that you can pass the traditions along to your children."

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