David Truong

Senior Production Specialist/Designer
Store Planning & Design Department
2007 Recipients


David learned both English and ASL after he moved to America from Vietnam when he was 17 years old.  He earned an Associates Degree in Architectural Technology from NTID, and when he found out that the job he wanted required more education, he went to RIT and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design.  He is happy that he was able to combine all of his interests and degrees to get a job that he really enjoys.


David is the only deaf worker in his company so the most challenging thing is communicating with his hearing co-workers about technical things or in social situations.   He uses interpreters, but also feels that technology, especially e-mail, has helped a lot.  He has also taught some sign language and finger spelling to his co-workers so that he can be included in the conversations at lunchtime.

Advice to Horace Mann School

 “Finish your education because it is important and will help you get into college, get a good job, and be successful.  Listen to your wise elders—parents, teachers, and deaf role models.  If you pay attention to their values, abilities, and experiences, they will help you achieve your goals and find many opportunities.” 

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