Jaimi Lard

Perkins School for the Blind
2007 Recipient


Jaimi has been very successful in many areas of her life, but one thing she feels very proud of is that she is living independently in her own apartment.  This was a goal for Jaimi from the time she was a young girl when she thought a lot about where she would live after graduating from high school. After many discussions with her family, thinking about all the options, and making lots of plans, she is proud to say that she has achieved this goal.


Jaimi has had many challenges in her life.  Being at home alone can be very isolating and frustrating, so she likes to keep busy doing volunteer work and fun activities with her friends.  Everyone is so busy that one of her biggest challenges is to stay in touch with friends to make plans for when they are all free at the same time.

Advice to Horace Mann Students

“Don’t just stay at home and wait for things to come to you; get the equipment you need to be independent in your own apartment.  Get a TTY, flashing lights, and a computer for e-mail.  Reach out to your friends to plan fun activities to do together, and get involved as a volunteer within your community.” 

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