Kathy Vesey

Gallaudet University Regional Center
2005 Recipient


Kathy is most proud that she was part of a team of people who advocated for Deaf people who wanted to become certified teachers in Massachusetts, an option that had not been available before this time.  This was a great success!


When Kathy was a student, sign language was not used in her schools and there were no interpreters.  As a hard-of-hearing student, this was a huge challenge; she had to figure out how to understand her teachers and classmates.  She eventually learned sign language and attended Gallaudet University for graduate school where she really developed her sign language skills.

Advice to Horace Mann Students

“Read as much as you can.  Pay attention to newspapers and things around you so you can learn as much as possible.  Learn from your teachers.  Set goals and have dreams.  You can do it, so think positively and don’t let people say you can’t.  Teamwork is important.  Maintain a balance between hard work and play and you can be successful.”

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