Marie Jean Philip

Bicultural/Bilingual Coordinator
Linguistic Consultant
The Learning Center for Deaf Children
2000 Recipient


Marie realized the importance of ASL as the native language of the Deaf Community. She believed that if she taught ASL to Deaf children, they would develop pride and excitement about their ASL and Deaf Culture and feel good about themselves.


Marie's challenge was to welcome Deaf people who came to America from other countries and to learn about their sign languages and cultures.

Advice to Horace Mann Students

Her sister, Sue, thinks that Marie would encourage you to feel proud of yourself, your Deaf Culture, and your language. She would encourage you to start reading when you are young because later that will help you to have better skills in written English. She would also encourage you to use your beautiful ASL, which is a treasure to your culture. Sue thinks that Marie would tell you that ASL and English are 2 separate languages and that you can be skilled in both.

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