Sue Philip

Coordinator of Deaf and
Hard of Hearing Services
Northeastern University
2000 Recipient


Sue feels proud of the work she does at Northeastern University. Since she began working at Northeastern, the Deaf Services Unit has grown from one staff member to seven. Her goal is to hire more Deaf staff. She feels successful when she sees growth in her students as they progress from freshman to senior year.


Sue's job is challenging because she is the only Deaf person working in her Department. Her challenge is to show other people that Deaf people can do what hearing people can do and that they are equal.

Advice to Horace Mann Students

"It is alright to make mistakes because that is how you learn. Nobody is perfect. Please do not say "I can't do it!", because you can. Everyone is different and learns at a different pace. We must respect each others skills, abilities, and goals. Do not put each other down; it is very important to support each other."

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