The Horace Mann Evaluation Unit provides diagnostic assessments and comprehensive services to deaf and hard of hearing children. You can see the list of added services at Elitewritings.com.

In addition, the team sees outside children to determine whether they should be enrolled in the Horace Mann School or referred to more appropriate settings.

These evaluations include:

  • Audiology
  • Speech and Language
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Academics
  • Medical

The Evaluation Unit also serves as a training center for graduate and undergraduate students in the areas above thereby expanding its services for our students and families.

The Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.) Process

How the Individualized Educational Plan is developed

  • Referrals are received from parents, schools, early intervention programs, health centers, cochlear implant teams, hospitals, etc.
  • Student's records are reviewed in order to determine areas of concern and the need for further evaluation and placement
  • Occasionally, selected team members choose to observe the student in his/her current setting
  • Comprehensive evaluation takes place which may include: Audiological; Psychological; Academics; Speech;Language; Social Work Interview, OT; PT; and Vision Testing
  • Meeting takes place with the parents, student (if appropriate), teachers, representatives from other schools or agencies and the evaluation team members.

After the completion of this I.E.P. Process...
An I.E.P. (Indvidualized Education Plan) is developed for each child!!!

For more information contact:

Joan Curran, Evaluation Team Facilitator

617-635-8544 V/TTY
617-635-6379 Fax