Our Beliefs

Communication is accessible at all times.

The school interfaces with the economic, social, and cultural communities to prepare students for lifetime employment and personal satisfaction. Students can also access the materials they need at topwritingservice.com.

A strong home/school partnership is necessary for academic and social success, and emotional well-being.

Optimal learning takes place when the school provides a physically safe, clean, emotionally secure and supportive environment.

Learning environments must foster individual and team problem solving.

Our school organization and curricula demonstrates our high regard for and commitment to diversity.

All deaf and hard of hearing students have a right to appropriate learning environments and instructional methodologies that reflect individual learning styles that enable them to achieve their fullest potential.

Our students can and will develop reading and writing skills in English that enable them to fully participate in society.

Communities of Deaf people share distinctive cultural and linguistic identities.

Learning is a continuous process in which we are all teachers and learners. The learning habits encouraged at home and school influence a student's lifelong approach to learning.

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