Social Studies


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The Massachusetts State mandated core knowledge topics are included in all Boston Public Schools Standards and Curriculum for:

Middle School

  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Geography
  • Civics in Action

High School

  • United States History I (1754 – 1877)
  • United States History II (1877 – present)
  • World History 2 (1800 – 2001)

Students in all social studies courses keep a required Interactive Student Notebook. This is 20% of their grade. All class work and homework is written in this notebook. Students keep a table of contents updated throughout the year with pages numbered. They answer a “preview” question on the left side of the notebook, do a mini-lesson on the right side of the notebook, then answer a “process” question on the left side showing what they know and understand. Higher order thinking questions are used to expand their thinking skills. These are part of the process question.

Students learn to select important facts using a Cornell Notes Organizer with their textbooks. There is a focus on new vocabulary in each unit as well as important people and events. Organizers are provided to develop skills in answering (1) compare and contrast questions, (2) historical perspective questions, and (3) make and support assertions. Students take quizzes and tests as well as the Boston Public Schools mid-term assessment and end of the year assessment in each course. They take the MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) at required grade levels. The social studies MCAS test will be a graduation requirement beginning in 2010.

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