Technology Goes Home

Technology Goes Home is sponsored by the Boston Digital Bridge Foundation (BDBF), a non-profit corporation providing technology training and computer equipment to underserved communities via neighborhood collaboratives and the Boston Public Schools.  The Foundation's mission is to encourage life-changing attitudes in parents and students by providing technology training and computers to inner city families, and they pursue this goal by forging collaborations among community organizations, schools, and private sector donors. Enrollment varies by year. If you want to see the list of admitted students, look through the announcements posted recently at

The TGH Program is designed to do the following:

•    Foster collaboration and cooperation in the community
•    Improve academic performance for children
•    Enhance employment opportunities for adults
•    Enhance the relationship between parents, children and teachers

Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing on a year to year basis participates in the Technology Goes Home @ School Program.  Class sessions take place in one of the School’s computer labs for a set amount of time either in the evenings or on Saturdays.  Parents and students who enroll have the opportunity to learn about computers together in a group setting along with their peers. The TGH Program is offered to families of students in grades 4-10.  Classes are conducted by Horace Mann teachers and are supported by sign language and Spanish interpreters.  It is a wonderful opportunity for parents, students, and teachers to communicate regularly and get to know each other.  After successful completion of the TGH Program, families become eligible to receive or purchase (depends on funding) a computer, software, and printer so they can continue their work independently at home.

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