ScanWorks is a student - run business located in the Horace Mann School for the Deaf. Working in collaboration with the Young Entrpreneurs Alliance, Horace Mann High School students gain valuable high-tech skills while also learning the entrepreneurial skills that help them gain a more complete understanding of the entire Content Management industry.

Originally created to reinforce scanning and Document Imaging skills,  the ScanWorks program has expanded to include reprographic and digital computer services that broaden the technical skills of our students, but also enhance the educational materials created by the Horace Mann staff.

 Using Industry standard flatbed and document scanners, ScanWorks students learn the basic set-up and operation of Document Imaging equipment. Starting with small classroom worksheets and handouts, students learn how to prepare documents, set up a scanner, and perform the scanning operation.

As they progress to more sophisticated jobs, students learn more detailed and complicated operations, such as batch scanning, color drop out, Optical Character Recognition and creating logical file structures for large-sized jobs.

Complementing the Document Imaging work is the copying and printing services performed by the students. Using a scanner for inputting, scanned documents can be outputted to a dedicated laser printer. This set up is ideal for quick turnover and the small-sized runs that our  classrooms require.

Our large-format printer allows us to create poster sized graphics and color classroom displays. These visual elements are critical learning elements to deaf students who rely so heavily on visual information.

As final step, all educational graphics are laminated with our 24” hot roll laminator. This protects items from water damage, extends the life of our classroom materials and maintains school fire code compliance.
•    Utilize high-speed document scanners to convert paper  documents to electronic files.
•    Arrange documents into organized, structured files.
•    Copy documents to CD's,  making them easily searched and less vulnerable to fire and  theft.

•    Use Industry standard color copy machine to reproduce handouts and classroom materials for Horace Mann staff.
•    Use copy machine to reduce and enlarge classroom materials - up to 11” x 17”
•    Utilize copy machines functions to collate punch and staple handouts and classroom materials

•    Use large format printer to print out poster - sized graphics for classrooms and school information.
•    Use color laser printer to output files and pictures from CD's and digital cameras.
•    Use scanner connected to laser printer to supplement office copy machine.

Digital Conversions
•    Scan color photographs and copy files to CD.
•    Convert picture files to electronic slide-shows or presentation.

Bindery Operations
• Collate, punch and staple worksheets, workbooks, manuals for educational use.
• Utilize rotary trimmers and paper cutters to trim paper and artwork to size.
• Utilize comb binder machines and 3 hole punch to organize and protect materials.
• Mount posters and artwork to foam board for professional presentation.
• Create frames and matting for presentation of materials and artwork.

All Aspects of the Industry

Participating in ScanWorks gives students to experience all phases and aspects of the Document Imaging field that they may miss in  a routine classroom setting.

ScanWorks students are responsible for every step of the business operation. They gain valuable real-world literacy skills creating copy for their marketing and advertising materials.
Student workers develop real world math skills and gain an appreciation for time management and efficiency as they determine how to price jobs and calculate profit and loss.

ScanWorks students learn the value of team work and cooperation. Through first-hand experience, they gain an understanding of a complete document imaging enterprise. They learn that a successful organization depends upon each person working together as a team, and only through this organized effort will success be realized.  


AIIM New England has been a supporter of the School and ScanWorks since 1982.

Young Entrepreneurs Alliance

The Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (YEA) was founded on the belief that teens from all walks of life have innate talents, waiting to be discovered.  

YEA helps low-income teens realize their economic potential and take steps toward financial independence by owning and running viable businesses.  YEA businesses are serious income-generating enterprises that provide real, hands-on business skills and training.  

YEA also opens doors to higher education and meaningful employment, enabling teens to envision and create a brighter future for themselves, their families, and their  communities.


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Horace Mann School for the Deaf

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