Elaine Ducharme

Director of Deaf/Blind Services
Community Services Network
D.E.A.F., Inc.
2003 Recipient


Elaine worked very hard in school and was valedectorian of her high school class. When she became blind, she attended the Helen Keller National Center, where she was able to build her skills and her confidence, and she later earned a B.S. in Human Services from the University of Connecticut. She founded the Deaf/Blind Organization of Connecticut and served as it's president for 10 years.


When Elaine became blind due to Usher Syndrome, her biggest challenge was to learn Braille. Even though it was hard, she forced herself to practice because she felt that it would be important for her to communicate with other people.

Advice to Horace Mann School

"Don't ever say you can't do something. Become involved with associations for the Deaf, work hard, accept responsibility, be patient, and be motivated. Study first and play later. Go to school, be on time, and develop good study and work habits. Think positively and learn from your mistakes."

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