Lillian Garcia

Interpreter Supervisor and Screening Coordinator
Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
2000 Recipient


Lillian's biggest success has been to establish a good relationship with both the Deaf and the Interpreting Communities, and she sometimes acts as mediator between them.


Lillian has a full-time job, and she is also a part-time student at Northeastern University. It has been a big challenge to climb the career ladder before earning her BA degree, but she works hard and keeps going. In her new job, she is a Deaf person supervising all interpreters who are hearing and Deaf, and this is also a challenge. Her goal is to build a good rapport and earn the respect of the people who work with her.

Advice to Horace Mann Students

"Be determined and do not give up. Do not allow other people to control your life. Decide what you want to do and then go ahead and do it. It is okay to make mistakes because that is how you improve and learn."

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