Joan Philip

Coordinator of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
Center for Living and Working, Inc.
2003 Recipient


When Joan started working at the Center for Living & Working, Inc. in 1984, there were no services for the Deaf. Her goal was to establish a strong program. CLW currently serves 250 clients in the Central Massachusetts and Greater Framingham areas, and Joan feels proud that she has been able to help the agency to grow. She was working hard on her interview format writing, but then decided to improve her skills in general.


It was a challenge for Joan to set up the CLW program to serve the Deaf Community because the hearing staff had never worked with deaf people before. There are now seven staff members working in the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program and forty staff members who are hearing, so Joan's ongoing challenge is to educate the hearing staff and the public about Deaf Culture and ASL as a language.

Advice to Horace Mann Students

"Keep pursuing your goals and don't let anything stop you. Finish high school and think about your career goal. It does not matter what career you choose; just decide what you want to do and get the right training. You can be successful."

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