Max Sallop

Ice Cream Man
Frosty Ice Cream Truck
2001 Recipient


With the support of his wife, Rebecca, Max ran his own business for 28 years selling ice cream from his Frosty Soft Serve ice cream truck. Over the years his business grew. He eventually bought two more trucks and invited his children to join the business. He also trained five deaf friends so that they could start their own businesses.

Max has always been active within the Deaf Community. In 1944, he and his friends founded the Boston Deaf Club where he served as president for three terms. In addition, he was president of the Brookline Deaf Senior Citizens for more than 16 years.


Since most of Max’s ice cream customers were hearing children, communication was a challenge. He painted signs with pictures and prices of the different kinds of ice cream so the children could point to their choices.

Advice to Horace Mann Students

"You have to believe that you can be successful. Remember, "Deaf can!" Work hard and get a good education and you will become successful."

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